Final Exam: WORLD FEST

Instructions for Friday:

If I am not here in the morning: please bring your food to Mrs. Strydom’s room [205] and place on cart. Use sticky note to indicate if it needs to go to the fridge, or if it needs to be reheated.

Bring your printed out [YES IT NEEDS TO BE TYPED] cultural report to class. You will share briefly about your culture and food.

You will need to take all dishes, etc home that afternoon. There will be a dismissal fire drill at the end of 7th also, so let’s be prepared!

*We may meet in cafeteria for 7th since we are probably going to get loud and celebratory and I don’t want to disturb any  final  exams around us*


April 30- May 4


Special Guest Anna Shekastehband will be sharing photos from her trips to Iran and telling us about the country. Please have questions for her!

HW: finish your short “memoir” graphic assignment and bring in tomorrow.


Finish Tempest film and work on memoir art, which is now due Wednesday.


Persepolis film: in French with English subtitles. Very international!



Begin The Breadwinner (Afghanistan)

Image result for the breadwinner

Final Exam Info!

You asked for it and you got it: international foods final exam! Yes, of course there is academic work involved.

International Food Day Final Exam

April 23- 27


Take home Tempest test due!  Now due Monday 4/30. If you get done early, you may turn in when finished!

Web Quest!

Persepolis WebQuest Introduction and Task Sheet


Your Story in Graphic Novel format-

Assignment: graphic novel biog

terms <—Graphic Novel/Comics Terms and Concepts


Persepolis Discussion/WebQuest background

Persepolis vocab 2 due tonight 11:59pm


Sub today: work on your graphic novel art/writing assignment


SLO post test! WHOOHOOO.

Continue working on graphic novel art/writing assignment. Due Tuesday, May 1.

On Monday, one of my seniors, Anna Shekasteband, will be showing us photos from her recent trip to see family in Iran! Please have questions for her about modern Iran, especially through the eyes of a teenager. Anna is amazing and you will love her.

April 16-20


Read Act 4 of Tempest. If we finish early we will move on to the Act 4 reading check.


Act 4 RC; read act 5 of Tempest. Act 5 RC  You will receive a take-home test. Obviously you can use your text 🙂 Due MONDAY 4/23.

Here is a helper sheet I created to assist with the essay portion of the test: Colonialism and the Tempest


Act 5 RC; review for Test tomorrow review will be online [here] as you will not be meeting with me today.

You will be meeting with Prill today, I believe.


I’m going to give you guys some free range on what to work on today. I know you are stressed about your presentations!


1. Grab a laptop and work on your presentation.

2. Work on your Tempest test. Colonialism and the Tempest

3. Start working on Persepolis weekend homework. This is my Intro to  Persepolis page:

  • There is a PDF of the entire two book collection. See reading instructions below.
  • The weekend assignment is below 🙂


Rick Steve’s Iran

First Persepolis vocab list due tonight [but I’ll be checking it Monday AM;) ]

Read Persepolis by Wednesday. If you go to the link on yesterday’s entry, you will find a PDF version of the book. It is actually the combined part 1 and 2 books. You will only need to read to page 157 of the PDF. If you wish to read on to the second book, you may! You also need to look on my Persepolis page and know the terms in the second box. No quiz, just be able to discuss them. The first set of vocab words say due tomorrow night but I won’t be checking them until Monday morning 😉

April 9-13

This Week….

Act 2 of Tempest; Act 2 reading check [open book]; Act 3 [on your own since I am leaving early on Wed]… please use THIS SITE to assist you in your reading and we will discuss it Thursday. You will begin watching the newer female-Prospero version of the Tempest while I am out; we will have another quiz, open-book that covers acts 1-3. And then we will try to rush in Act 4 so we can finish up at the beginning of next week. Short play! We will aim to have a test on Tempest next Thursday, 4/19. Again, open-book 🙂

March 26-30



Continue Speeches; reading check Act 1 of Tempest.

Key to Tempest Act I Reading Check


Speeches; Act 2


Act 2- no x block today!

Speeches from the time we get in there, until 3:30. Be prepared to go if you haven’t!!!

Tempest Vocab!! Thank you to those who have been on the ball. I am throwing some bonus on your vocab score for keeping up. Since I wasn’t very good about reminders on Vocab, I am giving some grace to those who aren’t done. All vocab for Tempest is due 11:59pm on 4/9. 🙂


Act 2 reading check; Begin Act 3. 

Act 2 of Tempest.


Act 1-3 Reading check; x block day!

Finish act 2 of Tempest; Reading check on act 2. X BLOCK! Happy Spring break!!!

March 12-16


You have laptops today. Here are the things you can be working on:

  1. Watch the Ted Talk for today and take your brief notes  [speaker name/title, main idea, 2 things learned]. Use headphones/earbuds!


2. Work on your speech if needed.

3. Read Things Fall Apart. Reading check on 16-20 on THURSDAY, TEST on whole book on MONDAY 3/19.

Anything you don’t tackle on here today is homework. Be good!




Check in with Reg on the Globez speech project. How are things going? What can I do for you to support you?


Review for chapter quiz and take chapter quiz!


Intro The Tempest! You must have your copy in class on Monday Thursday.

tempest intro-  read in class and finish for HW

This weekend: read Shakespeare and Caliban in the Tempest

-Act I list due Monday night 11:59pm

-Act II list due March 22 11:59pm

-Act III due March 26th 11:59 pm

– Act IV due March 28 11:59pm

-Act V due March 30 11:59pm

Things Fall Apart Test on Monday, you can use your book!

Review for Test

RC – Ch 1-5 Things Fall Apart

TFA R.C. Ch. 6-10 2011 cb (1)

TFA R.C. 11-15 cb i respond (1)

TFA R.C. 16-20 cb

March 5-9


Reading Check on chapters 6-10 of Things Fall Apart and discussion.


  1. What is a topic that you could talk about for 5-10 minutes? Topics can be ANYTHING [think your own MINI Ted Talk]. What is your area of expertise [ETHOS]?
  2. Brainstorm a list of 5 ideas. Beside each one, list possible visuals that you could use.
  3. Show to me before you leave 🙂  Tonight, pick one topic for your short speech.


Discuss quiz from yesterday.

Ted Talk Analysis #1.

Here’s the format to write in your notes:

  • Title of Ted Talk
  • Name of speaker
  • What is the speaker’s main point?
  • Two specific things you learned from this presentation

Begin outlining your speech. Before we leave you should have a basic outline of the speech.


Ted Talk Analysis #2 and #3.

Time for working on your speech. I will try to get computers for us so you can also work on visuals.


Reading check chapters 11-15 of Things Fall Apart and discussion.

Ted Talk Analysis #4.

HW: Work on Ted Talk graphic organizer for your top Ted Talk of this week. This will require you to rewatch the talk and look for more specific information. All videos are linked in this week’s entry. Also continue to work on your speech!

Feb 26- March 2


Looks like most of you have forgotten to do the vocab… I am going to give you 30 mins to work on that, then we are doing a VOCAB JAM. Your total practice grade is due tonight at 11:59p!

We will move the reading check to tomorrow so make sure you have read chapter 1-5 of Things Fall Apart!


Reading check ch 1-5!


Vocab Quiz on Things Fall Apart words. 

Discussion over Chapters 1-5 of TFA.



Public Speaking Improv Practice!!!  Please bring earbuds tomorrow so that we can do Ted Talk searches. We are going to be watching several interesting Ted Talks and analyzing what they do in regards to good public speaking.

From The Academy:

PLEASE remind your Globalization Academy students to PRIORITIZE Academy electives.

For example- Glob Academy students must have 4 years of a world language. Their language MUST be the FIRST CHOICE.

SOPHOMORES- MUST choose AP Seminar as their REQUIRED academy elective. This should be listed as either FIRST or SECOND choice since both WL and Seminar are required.”


Reading Check ch 6-10 of TFA.

Reading check moved to Monday.

Ted Talk Search!  Instructions for Curated Ted Talk Hunting and Gathering Session

What makes this talk so good? Be sure to analyze it briefly!

Feb 12- 16


Performance Day!


Dionysus/Aphrodite Party! Greek myths! Celebration!


Oedipus Open Book Test


TBD, sub day as I am in NYC for AP Art History

Heads Up!

Mon 2/26- TFA reading check 1 ch 1-5

Fri 3/2- TFA RC 2 ch 6-10

Wed 3/7- TFA RC3 ch 11-15

Mon 3/12- TFA RC4 ch 16-20


Fri 3/16- Intro Tempest, have a copy of the Tempest in hand this day [Shakespeare]

Mon 4/9- Intro Hiroshima, have a copy in hand [ John Hersey]

Image result for hiroshima book

Th 4/19 Test Hiroshima

Fri 4/20- Intro Persepolis, have copy in hand this day [Marjane Satrapi]

Image result for persepolis book

@ Thurs 5/3 Wrapping up Persepolis

Last few weeks, during AP exams etc, MYTHOLOGY PROJECT