May 1- 5

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Monday-Wednesday– groups doing their presentations!

Thursday– most people are out for AP Gov exam. We will take our quiz over cantos 1,3,5. Use your notes! Here is the study guide for the test on Tuesday. I am including some resources for you on canto 34.

dante study guide

Canto 34 Sparknotes

Textbook – Canto 34

EXAM EXEMPTION- our final is a cold-lukewarm reading exam. The last day to tell me if you are exempting is May 11 by 3:30. After that, the train leaves the station.

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Before I get into the week, I want to post some helpful items that you may want to peruse if you are taking the AP Exam on 5/10.

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Terms Part 1A

how to synthesis packet

How to write a rhetorical analysis essay


Make That Essay a Unicorn

Remember, I will have breakfast items and tea and coffee available starting at 6:45 AM on 5/10.

April 24-28, 2017

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Monday– Review background on Inferno. Introduce allegory. Begin Canto I and reading guide.

Textbook – Canto 1

Canto 1 – Questions to Answer


GREAT map but it’s huge so you’ll have to move it around!

The classic map

A different map!  [see below]


Tuesday– Canto III of Inferno. Textbook – Canto 3         Canto III study guide

Wednesday– Canto V    Textbook – Canto 5      Canto V study guide   Also, introducing the Tour Through Hell assignment… A Tour through hell

Sample Tour

Sample Tour 2

Resources for Working on Your Tour! These are great resources. PLEASE look around them and search for what  you need.

World Of Dante

Dante Worlds

Thurs/Fri– Work in groups with laptops on your circle(s) of hell. Look at yesterday’s post for resources and sample tours.

Schedule to present next week:

Mon- 7 Deadly Sins/Circle 3

Tue- Circles 4/5

Wed- circles 6/7

Th- wrap up/check quiz; test on Tuesday 5/9

Fri- Circles 8/9


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Monday– Rhetorical Analysis

Tuesday– Argument [and I’ll give  you the synthesis packet to look over for the next few days]

Wednesday– Break Day, thank goodness.

Thursday– Synthesis

Friday– Multiple Choice

April 17-21

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Monday– 3rd period: SLO test/Bloom Ball construction/ some Oedipus if time

6th/7th: Bloom Ball construction/Oedipus

*I am grading the dystopian journals. I am seeing that many of you do not adequately explain what you mean. For instance, you might say it is a current connection and you translate the quote but you don’t really say how it connects to current society. Likewise on dystopian characteristics, many of you have put things that you think are bad or futuristic but that’s not enough. You have to show how it reflects actual dystopian characteristics. I’m including a handy sheet here though you should have had these in your notes. You will be able to amend your journals if you wish.*

Please use these additional notes to help in fixing your entries: DefinitionCharacteristics

Tuesday– Continue with Oedipus Rex. If we do not get to finish, please watch the last bit on youtube. I will put timecounts for each class.

Wednesday-Finish Oedipus play. Figure out who you want to partner with for the Oedipus test. UP TO 3 in a group [total].  Part I Oedipus Partner Test. [I will be out for professional learning but I will be in the building so be good!]

Thursday–  Oedipus partner test. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have had from yesterday.

Friday– Wrap up Oedipus/discuss assessment/Intro Dante’s Inferno.

Highway to hell viewing guide

Here’s a Dante’s inferno quizwhat level will you go to… IF YOU DARE…… [btw this is just jokey… you are all my little angels!!]



ap lang 12 text

Monday– Go over last two quizzes in preparation for tomorrow’s test over Wild/Into the Wild. Keep the quizzes to study for tonight and then bring back tomorrow so I can put in!

Tuesday– Wild/Into the Wild written test

Wednesday– Sub day- Reading “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto.

Annotation instructions:

As you read, mark it up!

-What is his argument? See if you can get it down to a sentence.

-How does he make his argument? What’s the structure? Find the ethos, pathos, logos—look at the varieties of arguments!

-Highlight any particularly strong arguments or evidence he presents or any ideas that you would like to discuss further in class.

Thursday– Discuss Against School.

Friday– Intro ReConstructing Education.

Please RSVP for exam day breakfast! RSVP HERE.


April 10-14. The Countdown begins.

Hang in there. As of this writing there are only 26 days, including Monday, before senior final exams start. Remember, I only record grades. It’s your effort that I record. If you want to finish strong, then please act accordingly. No, there are no bonus assignments. Do the assigned work–ON TIME.  I believe in you!

world it text

Monday–  Review for Iliad test, which is tomorrowIliad Review  The test is book only so please review your notes today.

You may also work on your dialectical journals for your dystopian novel, which are due Wednesday.

TuesdayIliad Test.  Test moved to Thursday. Newspaper survey. Greek Drama background. greek drama 2 side [text]

outlinegreek drama

Wednesday– Dialectical Journals due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, TYPED. Handwritten, or turned in after I take them up, are points off. 25 entries.

Book 24 of Iliad KEY [no i guess i did not give you a guide, just use this]: Iliad Book 24 Study Guide Key Honors (1)

Review guide for Test: Iliad Review

In class today: Crash Course Oedipus Intro! Oedipus Rex and tragedy crash course

Thursday TEST over Iliad.

Friday– We will be watching a version of the play that was done as closely as possible in the style of the original. Notice the masks, robes, overly dramatic acting… it’s all because of the elements we talked about outside the other day. See Tuesday’s entry above to refresh.

I’m posting a reader’s theater version here for you to review prior to next Wednesday when you will be taking part I of a partner test. 🙂 Reader’s Theater version (1)

HINT: put on the closed captions so that you can read along with it.

ap lang 12 text

Monday– Introduce Deconstructing Education unit [our last unit!]- School Venting Session!

Tuesday– Argument/Synthesis workshop. Please look at the corresponding pdf below this for whichever argument you wrote the first time. We will be switching topics and writing our last argument in class on Thursday.

certainty vs doubt student samples

creativity student samples

ALL students please look at the synthesis sample. You did body paragraphs but look at these whole cohesive essays to see how they did what they did.

honor code synthesis student samples

Wednesday–  Last reading check

Thursday  Argument Switch.

AP Exam pdfs from Mrs. Robinson! absent note 2017       AP newsletter 2017

Fri– Deconstructing Education Unit/News

i quit i think


March 27-31

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Monday–  Read first half of Book 24 “Achilles and Priam”. Please read the second half from this pdf: Iliad Book 24. [Study questions forthcoming]. Test on Tuesday, April 11.


Image result for troy movie poster





Remember: get those notes off of here. Test on Tuesday, April 11.





Friday: Senior Picnic/Xblock/Percy Jackson for good measure for 3rd and 7th.


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Monday– Big show details/planning.

Tuesday– Discuss last quiz/ take next reading check. See Calendar for details.

Wednesday– Big show field trip 1st-3rd periods.


Friday– 2nd period, reading day; 4th senior picnic.





March 20-24

world it text

Monday– Reading book 6 of the Iliad and going over study questions! book-6-iliad-pdf

Tuesday– Book 22 reading first half together, we will finish on together on Thursday.

book 22 text

Iliad Book 22 Study Guide Honors

Wednesday– SUB DAY- video for Iliad!!!!

Thursday– Finished book 22 of Iliad.

Friday– Dystopia Day: work on your book/journals. You can also check your comprehension of Book 22 of Iliad here: Iliad Book 22 Study Guide Key Honors (1)

ap lang 12 text

TED talks all week.

4th period Friday, we will start working on organizing the Big Show.


March 13-17

world it text

Monday– Identify which characters, both mortal and immortal, are on which side: Greek or Trojan?  Characters in the Iliad – to identify (1)

Begin reading The Iliad, book 1.  page 364 in textbook- through line 173 p 369. Answer questions 1-11.

book 1 iliad PDF  TEXT

Iliad Book I Honors SG

Tuesday– Group time to put finishing touches on mythology bloom ball project. Turn in project. Casual recap of Iliad intro.

Wednesday– Let’s plow through the rest of Book 1 of the Iliad. Finish questions. See text and questions link from Monday [above].

Thursday– Reading check on Edith Hamilton material and Book 1 of Iliad. You may use notes if needed.

Friday– 10 entry check on dystopian journals. They can be handwritten at this point but your final turn in will be typed. Go over reading check from yesterday. Finish Passion of Troy video.   HA! no I forgot Fridays are Dystopia Days. Bring your book to read. You can work on dystopian journal entries too and show me at the end of class.

ap lang 12 text

TED TALK all week!!! Please see Calendar for the schedule.

March 5th- 10th

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Monday– Reading the intro to Edith Hamilton’s timeless classic Mythology.


Answer only through #30: Selected Passages from Edith Hamilton

Tuesday– Discuss yesterday’s reading  (get the notes from someone if you were absent); take notes on background to the Iliad/Trojan War

HW: keep working on your mythology Bloom Ball; Due Friday!

Wednesday– Background on Iliad/Trojan War

Thursday– Continue intro to Iliad. Iliad intro PPT     Iliad intro note guide   Watch Greece video with leftover time!

Friday– Dystopia Day: work on 1. reading your novel and/or 2. dialectical journals  and/or   3. wrapping up Bloom Balls on mythology which are due on TUESDAY.

ap lang 12 text

Monday– Please bring your parallel book for reading time 🙂

Tuesday– Lottery for signing up for Ted Talks! If you were absent, see me about what day you are going. I had planned on having group talks about your parallels but we ran out of time after I convinced you all that you were going to do great on the Ted Talks. So here are some bones for you:

Wild: “love” [as in this is a quote]; Tehachapi Pass; Joe

Into the Wild: 25 or 30 lbs; latte colored river; sixty-seven lbs

Wednesday– Reading quiz/discussion if time.


Feb 27- March 3rd

world it text

Monday– Official start of dystopian unit. Dialectical journal intro for your novel. dystopian-literature-unit-dialectical-journal. Finish signing up for world myth projects.

RUBRIC: dystopian-dialectical-journal-rubric

Suggested Reading Schedules:


suggested-reading-schedule {handmaid’s tale)



Tuesday– Intro myth project; lab 307 for research.

world-myth-bloom-ball-project   [Rubric is included on info sheet]

DUE DATE IS WRONG ON SHEET. due Friday, 3/10.

bloom template one

Wednesday– lab 307 for myth research

Thursday– lab 307 for myth research

Friday– Dystopia Day! Reading and journaling time. I highly suggest that you keep a paper one that you can transcribe onto the electronic version. I will ONLY be accepting typed versions of this for the final turn in.

ap lang 12 text

Monday– Intro Synthesis Prompts; begin initial annotation of prompt sheet; decide on position; begin looking through given sources. HW: begin reading first several chapters of your book. Reading schedule to come ASAP!!!

Tuesday– Continue looking through given sources and begin crafting body paragraphs.

Wednesday– Finish crafting body paragraphs and move into intro and conclusions.

Thursday– TED Talk Workshopping- please bring any materials you need and be prepared to work on slides or go practice with a small group.

Friday– TED Talk workshopping. NEWS!

February 13- 17

Break is almost here!!!!

world it text

Monday- test over Chinese/Japanese unit

Tuesday- Dystopia introductions

Wednesday-Dystopian film analysis

Thursday- Dystopian film analysis; went over potential topics for world myth projects AFTER break. world-myth-topics

Friday- X Block! Wrap up dystopian film analysis with discussion. Remember to get your dystopian novel by the time we return from break. See last week’s blog entry for info!

ap lang 12 text

Monday- Laptop time: work on organizing your Ted Talks, make slides, do research etc.

Tuesday- Test prep Tuesday, Multiple choice!

Wednesday- Novel intro: Wild focus


Thursday- On The Rez written assessment

Friday-Into The Wild intro!