January 9-12


Discuss Tragedy and tragic hero/intro Oedipus/begin going over Greek Drama outline.

Interested in going to Greece?????



January 4-5

Welcome back!

I’m looking forward to a great semester… here is a loose outline of what we are going to tackle.

-Classical Greece: Oedipus Rex, excerpts from the Iliad.

-Things Fall Apart [Chinua Achebe]

-The Tempest [William Shakespeare]

-Dante, The Inferno

– Kafka, Metamorphosis


– Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi

-Mythology Project

This week we will be finishing the Arabian Nights video that we didn’t get to finish before finals 🙂 Grab a copy of Things Fall Apart from the Media Center. They have plenty!

HW: This weekend, I need you to do a few things.

  1. Read Aristotle’s Tragic Hero. Be able to tell me the basics of his definition.
  2. Read greek-drama-2-side and fill out the outline that goes with it. greek-drama-outline
  3. Watch and reply Oedipus Rex and tragedy crash course

Dec 11-15

Crazy weekend, yes?


-Rumi, Elephant in the Dark

-Begin group test on Islamic World.


Finish group test if needed.

What do I need for the final, Reg?

-Gilgamesh  CSA – Ancient Worlds w Standards F2012

-Genesis Flood Narrative  CSA – Ancient Worlds w Standards F2012

-Compare and contrast of the Hebrew and Sumerian Flood narratives  CSA – Ancient Worlds w Standards F2012

-Book of Ruth  CSA – Ancient Worlds w Standards F2012

-Hymn to the Sun Akhenaten_s “Hymn to the Sun”   CSA – Ancient Worlds w Standards F2012

-Siddhartha Siddhartha Test A (1)

-Tao of Pooh Tao of Pooh SR Test

-Fisherman and Jinnee CSA – Ancient Worlds Pt 2 Honors Take Home

-Islam chapter from World’s Religions Reading Quiz on Islam and Koran Through Muslim Eyes

-Elephant in the Dark Elephant in the Dark key

-Koran Through Muslim Eyes Reading Quiz on Islam and Koran Through Muslim Eyes

-1001 Nights Video  Viewing Guide-learner.org

Dec 4-8


Sub day: read “The Koran Through Muslim Eyes” and work on reading guide.


Group time to convene on reading notes.

Quiz on “Islam” chapter and “The Koran Through Muslim Eyes”, open note.


1001 Nights Wrap up and Work on Folktale analysis.

If time, begin talking about Sufism.


Sufism video, exploring the world of islamic mystics. This is prep for reading Rumi tomorrow.


The Poetry of Rumi p116-119 in textbook [at home]

Here is your note sheet to go along with the poem [sorry Daniel]: Elephant in the Dark

HW: Review for Islamic World test. You may use your notes but I would advise you to look over them beforehand. I will be working on a final exam guide for you today or tomorrow!!!! Please check back here.


See above for what you need to review for Islamic World test!

Nov 27- Dec 1


Final Day to work on Siddhartha Body Bios! We will have a brief museum tour on Wednesday.

HW: please watch this lovely preview for the IMAX film Arabia, which we will watch tomorrow!


ARABIA IMAX FILM! We are about to enter the Islamic world unit and this is a beautiful introduction to one aspect of the culture. Obviously it is not representative of all of Middle Eastern Culture. We will be looking at Iran as well. But for now, relax and take in the wonderful cinematography and culture.


Body Bio Gallery Tour.. you will give an oral explanation about your Siddhartha body bios.

Intro to 1001 Nights: http://www.learner.org/courses/worldlit/the-thousand-and-one-nights/watch/

Viewing Guide: Viewing Guide-learner.org

At Home Assignment: Read the chapter about Islam from The World’s Religions. Complete the reading guide as you go. It’s a really fascinating look into the history and culture.

Due Monday 12/4   Tuesday 12/5

Chapter PDF: twr-islam-chapter

Guide for completion: islam-chapter-in-twr READING GUIDE



Finished the Intro video for 1001 Nights. [see above]

Began reading “The Fisherman and the Jinnee” from A Thousand and One Nights. But we left on a cliff-hanger!!!


We will continue the story of The Fisherman and the Jinnee… what will happen? Will the jinnee learn a lesson? Will Carlton ever get to talk about Inception for awhile?

When we are done reading, you will group up to fill in the study guide and then we can talk about the folk tale analysis sheet.

Nov 13-17


Continue watching Into the Wild. Take notes for compare/contrast essay.


Working on Body Bios.. please bring some art supplies to finish up!



Laptops both days for working on Into the Wild essays. Due Friday at end of class.

November 6-10


Siddhartha packet: Siddhartha and the Eightfold Path; Character names as allegory

Practice Quiz, take and go over. Study packet and practice quiz for TEST Thursday.

Remaining time: work on body bios. Bring in some better markers! Mine are AWFUL.

Turn in Into the Wild permission form!!!




Zen Parables from forever ago. Review Siddhartha.


Siddhartha Test


Into the Wild film or alternative activity.

October 30- November 3


Vocab List 1 for Siddhartha is due tonight by 11:59 pm.

We will have a quiz tomorrow on the words.

Turn in your museum document [printed or emailed please!].

In groups:

Discuss the following chapters of Siddhartha


“Amongst the People”


“By The River”

HW: for Thursday, please finish the book!


Vocab Quiz!

Siddhartha Body Biography: today we will group up and begin planning a body biography of our main character, Siddhartha.


Siddhartha Body Biography: today we will group up and begin planning a body biography of our main character, Siddhartha.


Work on Body Bios. We will present these on Wed 11/8.

HW: work on the rest of your Siddhartha packet. We will go over on Monday. Practice quiz on Monday to preview for TEST over Siddhartha on Thursday 11/9.

Get Into The Wild permission form signed.

The week ahead looks like this:

Monday- Practice quiz/go over packet/last touches to body bio

Tuesday- off

Wed- Go over prac quiz/ last review of Sidd/ go over Zen Parables/Body Bios

Thurs- Siddhartha test/Body Bios if needed

Friday- Into the Wild


Oct 23- 27



Guidance lesson part 2 in lab 307. Finish “With The Samanas”, “Gotama”, and ” Awakening” in Siddhartha if you have not already done so.


Carlos Museum Field Trip Assignment: Do the preliminary work before Thursday. Bring this sheet with you, plus a notebook and PENCIL [not pen], plus your cell phone to take non-flash photos on trip. No backpacks etc.   Carlos Museum at Emory University

I need your shirt size for your Globalization shirt!

Literary Discussion groups over “With The Samanas”, “Gotama”, and ” Awakening” in Siddhartha.

HW: Read “Kamala” and “Amongst the People” for Friday.


Haikus! Prep for X block meeting with KSU.

Haiku visual guide

Cuckoo for Haiku

HW: Do your pre-work for the museum trip. Also make sure to read “Kamala” and “Amongst the People” for Friday.


You will be returning from the field trip during 6th period as scheduled. When you come to class, please

A. Be great for the sub 🙂

B. Get a laptop and begin working on your document. You will be creating a document report from the notes that you jotted. Integrate your photos where needed and appropriate. Your document is due by Monday 10/30.


Siddhartha Groups “Kamala” and “Amongst the People”.

Heard you guys didn’t work well yesterday. So here’s today’s new plan. This will all be done quietly. I SAID QUIETLY.

  1. Grab a textbook and open to page 318.
  2. Read the sheet and info in the text and fill in the notes.
  3. Turn in when done.
  4. If time, grab a laptop and begin working on your museum document. This is due Monday for everyone and yes it’s a grade.

Zen Parables

HW: work on your field trip document, due Monday. Read “Samsara” and “By The River” for Monday as well. You will discuss the following four chapters on Monday:


“Amongst the People”


“By The River”

October 16-20


Go over Aphorisms of Confucious and your own Pope aphorisms; Vocab for Siddhartha (quiz on 10/31); Buddhism 101

HW: Read the following articles in your packet

“Buddhism: In the Footsteps of Siddhartha” and next article about correlation of the novel to the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.


Little Buddha… a film from the 90s with Keanu Reeves as Prince Siddhartha! We are going to look only at the flashbacks to Siddhartha’s life. Beautiful cinematography and a great retelling of the historical figure’s legendary life.

HW: read chapter 1 of Siddhartha “The Brahmin’s Son”. Be prepared to discuss in lit groups.


Finished “Little Buddha” and discussed the origins of Buddhism.


Discussion groups over chapter 1 of Siddhartha. Convene as a class to clear up any questions.

HW: read chapters 2-4 by Tuesday


Guidance lessons with counselor today AND Monday! Keep up with Siddhartha reading and questions.