World Literature

Monday: Finished Biblical Allusion presentations. Please make sure you have read through the background reading on Judaism. Here is the correct PDF for you: bw judaism scan

Tuesday: finish presentations; Introduce The Book of Ruth via PPT: PPT – Book of Ruth. Here is the guide we used during the PPT and our reading: Ruth – PPT viewing Guide. HW: finish reading the Book of Ruth in preparation for a comprehension check tomorrow.  ruth scan <— copy of Ruth for at home reading.

AP Lang

Monday– Turn in dialectical journals. Look In class: Ethicist prompt from New York Times. Partner discussion and then come back as a class to discuss and review the “official” response. HW: Respond to this Ethicist prompt: “I’ve recently been buying physical copies of books and then illegally downloading electronic versions of the same books, so I can read them on my Kindle when it’s more convenient. Is this stealing? NAME WITHHELD, CHICAGO”. Bring to class tomorrow.