World Lit

Monday- Test over Ancient World, pt. 1.

Tuesday- Viewing Imax film “Arabia”. Intro to Arabian culture both ancient and modern before we get into 1001 Nights.

Wednesday- Begin reading Islam chapter in The World’s Religions. Close reading guide provided. Islam Chapter in TWR <—guide. Chapter—> twr islam chapter. Have this read by next Monday.

Thursday- Grouped reading of “Origins of the Arabian Nights”. If you are absent, please read the article and do the close reading guide on your own. Close Reading – Origins of Nights   Article itself: Origins of the Arabian Nights

Friday- I will be absent, but you will be starting your viewing of our visual text [fancy-speak for film] Arabian Nights. This WILL count as a text so don’t just be goofing off here. I will give you a “quiz” to fill out as you view.

AP Lang

Monday- Journal: Watch this video from SoulPancake on the Subculture of FreeRunners.

Choose one: 1. What barriers would you like to break in your life/career/whatever? Why does this barrier need to be broken?  OR 2. What obstacles stand in your way that you wish you could parkour over? Why do they bother you so much?

Discuss this weekend’s essay “Confessions of an Ex- Mormon”. HW: Please have In Cold Blood by Friday. Must have it in hand in some form [paper or electronic].


Wednesday- Class not meeting due to PSAT Shut Down Day.