world lit

Monday- Continuing with Arabian Nights. HW: Read “The Koran Through the Eyes of a Muslim” by Wednesday. Koran Thru Muslim Eyes <–article/ reading guide—> Close Reading – Koran Through Muslim Eyes. It’s very possible that there will be a quiz over this reading and the Islam chapter from last week.

Tuesday- Continuing with Arabian Nights. Read HW from last night.

Wednesday- Reading check on “Islam” and “The Koran Through Muslim Eyes”. Continue Arabian Nights.

Thursday- Begin “The Fisherman and the Jinnee” in our textbook. PDF copy here: Fisherman and Jinnee – pdf text. While reading, fill out the analysis guide: Fisherman Folk Tale Analysis. We will continue this tale tomorrow.

Friday- Finishing “The Fisherman and the Jinnee”. If time, finish Arabian Nights. HW: Take home vocab quiz on the scantron that I gave you. If you don’t have a scantron then write your answers on a sheet of paper or print out the copy. unit 4 take home vocDue Monday 10/27.

AP Lang

Wednesday- Discuss the characterization of the Clutter family. Looked over possible entries in Part I quiz.

Thursday- Part I quiz. If time, discuss and organize the Capote writing assignment.

Friday- Capote Writing Project!