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Monday– Official start of dystopian unit. Dialectical journal intro for your novel. dystopian-literature-unit-dialectical-journal. Finish signing up for world myth projects.

RUBRIC: dystopian-dialectical-journal-rubric

Suggested Reading Schedules:


suggested-reading-schedule {handmaid’s tale)



Tuesday– Intro myth project; lab 307 for research.

world-myth-bloom-ball-project   [Rubric is included on info sheet]

DUE DATE IS WRONG ON SHEET. due Friday, 3/10.

bloom template one

Wednesday– lab 307 for myth research

Thursday– lab 307 for myth research

Friday– Dystopia Day! Reading and journaling time. I highly suggest that you keep a paper one that you can transcribe onto the electronic version. I will ONLY be accepting typed versions of this for the final turn in.

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Monday– Intro Synthesis Prompts; begin initial annotation of prompt sheet; decide on position; begin looking through given sources. HW: begin reading first several chapters of your book. Reading schedule to come ASAP!!!

Tuesday– Continue looking through given sources and begin crafting body paragraphs.

Wednesday– Finish crafting body paragraphs and move into intro and conclusions.

Thursday– TED Talk Workshopping- please bring any materials you need and be prepared to work on slides or go practice with a small group.

Friday– TED Talk workshopping. NEWS!