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Monday– Reading the intro to Edith Hamilton’s timeless classic Mythology.


Answer only through #30: Selected Passages from Edith Hamilton

Tuesday– Discuss yesterday’s reading  (get the notes from someone if you were absent); take notes on background to the Iliad/Trojan War

HW: keep working on your mythology Bloom Ball; Due Friday!

Wednesday– Background on Iliad/Trojan War

Thursday– Continue intro to Iliad. Iliad intro PPT     Iliad intro note guide   Watch Greece video with leftover time!

Friday– Dystopia Day: work on 1. reading your novel and/or 2. dialectical journals  and/or   3. wrapping up Bloom Balls on mythology which are due on TUESDAY.

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Monday– Please bring your parallel book for reading time 🙂

Tuesday– Lottery for signing up for Ted Talks! If you were absent, see me about what day you are going. I had planned on having group talks about your parallels but we ran out of time after I convinced you all that you were going to do great on the Ted Talks. So here are some bones for you:

Wild: “love” [as in this is a quote]; Tehachapi Pass; Joe

Into the Wild: 25 or 30 lbs; latte colored river; sixty-seven lbs

Wednesday– Reading quiz/discussion if time.