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Monday– Identify which characters, both mortal and immortal, are on which side: Greek or Trojan?  Characters in the Iliad – to identify (1)

Begin reading The Iliad, book 1.  page 364 in textbook- through line 173 p 369. Answer questions 1-11.

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Iliad Book I Honors SG

Tuesday– Group time to put finishing touches on mythology bloom ball project. Turn in project. Casual recap of Iliad intro.

Wednesday– Let’s plow through the rest of Book 1 of the Iliad. Finish questions. See text and questions link from Monday [above].

Thursday– Reading check on Edith Hamilton material and Book 1 of Iliad. You may use notes if needed.

Friday– 10 entry check on dystopian journals. They can be handwritten at this point but your final turn in will be typed. Go over reading check from yesterday. Finish Passion of Troy video.   HA! no I forgot Fridays are Dystopia Days. Bring your book to read. You can work on dystopian journal entries too and show me at the end of class.

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TED TALK all week!!! Please see Calendar for the schedule.