Hang in there. As of this writing there are only 26 days, including Monday, before senior final exams start. Remember, I only record grades. It’s your effort that I record. If you want to finish strong, then please act accordingly. No, there are no bonus assignments. Do the assigned work–ON TIME.  I believe in you!

world it text

Monday–  Review for Iliad test, which is tomorrowIliad Review  The test is book only so please review your notes today.

You may also work on your dialectical journals for your dystopian novel, which are due Wednesday.

TuesdayIliad Test.  Test moved to Thursday. Newspaper survey. Greek Drama background. greek drama 2 side [text]

outlinegreek drama

Wednesday– Dialectical Journals due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS, TYPED. Handwritten, or turned in after I take them up, are points off. 25 entries.

Book 24 of Iliad KEY [no i guess i did not give you a guide, just use this]: Iliad Book 24 Study Guide Key Honors (1)

Review guide for Test: Iliad Review

In class today: Crash Course Oedipus Intro! Oedipus Rex and tragedy crash course

Thursday TEST over Iliad.

Friday– We will be watching a version of the play that was done as closely as possible in the style of the original. Notice the masks, robes, overly dramatic acting… it’s all because of the elements we talked about outside the other day. See Tuesday’s entry above to refresh.

I’m posting a reader’s theater version here for you to review prior to next Wednesday when you will be taking part I of a partner test. 🙂 Reader’s Theater version (1)

HINT: put on the closed captions so that you can read along with it.

ap lang 12 text

Monday– Introduce Deconstructing Education unit [our last unit!]- School Venting Session!

Tuesday– Argument/Synthesis workshop. Please look at the corresponding pdf below this for whichever argument you wrote the first time. We will be switching topics and writing our last argument in class on Thursday.

certainty vs doubt student samples

creativity student samples

ALL students please look at the synthesis sample. You did body paragraphs but look at these whole cohesive essays to see how they did what they did.

honor code synthesis student samples

Wednesday–  Last reading check

Thursday  Argument Switch.

AP Exam pdfs from Mrs. Robinson! absent note 2017       AP newsletter 2017

Fri– Deconstructing Education Unit/News

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