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Monday– 3rd period: SLO test/Bloom Ball construction/ some Oedipus if time

6th/7th: Bloom Ball construction/Oedipus

*I am grading the dystopian journals. I am seeing that many of you do not adequately explain what you mean. For instance, you might say it is a current connection and you translate the quote but you don’t really say how it connects to current society. Likewise on dystopian characteristics, many of you have put things that you think are bad or futuristic but that’s not enough. You have to show how it reflects actual dystopian characteristics. I’m including a handy sheet here though you should have had these in your notes. You will be able to amend your journals if you wish.*

Please use these additional notes to help in fixing your entries: DefinitionCharacteristics

Tuesday– Continue with Oedipus Rex. If we do not get to finish, please watch the last bit on youtube. I will put timecounts for each class.

Wednesday-Finish Oedipus play. Figure out who you want to partner with for the Oedipus test. UP TO 3 in a group [total].  Part I Oedipus Partner Test. [I will be out for professional learning but I will be in the building so be good!]

Thursday–  Oedipus partner test. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have had from yesterday.

Friday– Wrap up Oedipus/discuss assessment/Intro Dante’s Inferno.

Highway to hell viewing guide

Here’s a Dante’s inferno quizwhat level will you go to… IF YOU DARE…… [btw this is just jokey… you are all my little angels!!]



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Monday– Go over last two quizzes in preparation for tomorrow’s test over Wild/Into the Wild. Keep the quizzes to study for tonight and then bring back tomorrow so I can put in!

Tuesday– Wild/Into the Wild written test

Wednesday– Sub day- Reading “Against School” by John Taylor Gatto.

Annotation instructions:

As you read, mark it up!

-What is his argument? See if you can get it down to a sentence.

-How does he make his argument? What’s the structure? Find the ethos, pathos, logos—look at the varieties of arguments!

-Highlight any particularly strong arguments or evidence he presents or any ideas that you would like to discuss further in class.

Thursday– Discuss Against School.

Friday– Intro ReConstructing Education.

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