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Monday– Review background on Inferno. Introduce allegory. Begin Canto I and reading guide.

Textbook – Canto 1

Canto 1 – Questions to Answer


GREAT map but it’s huge so you’ll have to move it around!

The classic map

A different map!  [see below]


Tuesday– Canto III of Inferno. Textbook – Canto 3         Canto III study guide

Wednesday– Canto V    Textbook – Canto 5      Canto V study guide   Also, introducing the Tour Through Hell assignment… A Tour through hell

Sample Tour

Sample Tour 2

Resources for Working on Your Tour! These are great resources. PLEASE look around them and search for what  you need.

World Of Dante

Dante Worlds

Thurs/Fri– Work in groups with laptops on your circle(s) of hell. Look at yesterday’s post for resources and sample tours.

Schedule to present next week:

Mon- 7 Deadly Sins/Circle 3

Tue- Circles 4/5

Wed- circles 6/7

Th- wrap up/check quiz; test on Tuesday 5/9

Fri- Circles 8/9


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Monday– Rhetorical Analysis

Tuesday– Argument [and I’ll give  you the synthesis packet to look over for the next few days]

Wednesday– Break Day, thank goodness.

Thursday– Synthesis

Friday– Multiple Choice