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Monday-Wednesday– groups doing their presentations!

Thursday– most people are out for AP Gov exam. We will take our quiz over cantos 1,3,5. Use your notes! Here is the study guide for the test on Tuesday. I am including some resources for you on canto 34.

dante study guide

Canto 34 Sparknotes

Textbook – Canto 34

EXAM EXEMPTION- our final is a cold-lukewarm reading exam. The last day to tell me if you are exempting is May 11 by 3:30. After that, the train leaves the station.

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Before I get into the week, I want to post some helpful items that you may want to peruse if you are taking the AP Exam on 5/10.

Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Terms Part 1A

how to synthesis packet

How to write a rhetorical analysis essay


Make That Essay a Unicorn

Remember, I will have breakfast items and tea and coffee available starting at 6:45 AM on 5/10.