Final Day to work on Siddhartha Body Bios! We will have a brief museum tour on Wednesday.

HW: please watch this lovely preview for the IMAX film Arabia, which we will watch tomorrow!


ARABIA IMAX FILM! We are about to enter the Islamic world unit and this is a beautiful introduction to one aspect of the culture. Obviously it is not representative of all of Middle Eastern Culture. We will be looking at Iran as well. But for now, relax and take in the wonderful cinematography and culture.


Body Bio Gallery Tour.. you will give an oral explanation about your Siddhartha body bios.

Intro to 1001 Nights:

Viewing Guide: Viewing

At Home Assignment: Read the chapter about Islam from The World’s Religions. Complete the reading guide as you go. It’s a really fascinating look into the history and culture.

Due Monday 12/4   Tuesday 12/5

Chapter PDF: twr-islam-chapter

Guide for completion: islam-chapter-in-twr READING GUIDE



Finished the Intro video for 1001 Nights. [see above]

Began reading “The Fisherman and the Jinnee” from A Thousand and One Nights. But we left on a cliff-hanger!!!


We will continue the story of The Fisherman and the Jinnee… what will happen? Will the jinnee learn a lesson? Will Carlton ever get to talk about Inception for awhile?

When we are done reading, you will group up to fill in the study guide and then we can talk about the folk tale analysis sheet.