Sub day: read “The Koran Through Muslim Eyes” and work on reading guide.


Group time to convene on reading notes.

Quiz on “Islam” chapter and “The Koran Through Muslim Eyes”, open note.


1001 Nights Wrap up and Work on Folktale analysis.

If time, begin talking about Sufism.


Sufism video, exploring the world of islamic mystics. This is prep for reading Rumi tomorrow.


The Poetry of Rumi p116-119 in textbook [at home]

Here is your note sheet to go along with the poem [sorry Daniel]: Elephant in the Dark

HW: Review for Islamic World test. You may use your notes but I would advise you to look over them beforehand. I will be working on a final exam guide for you today or tomorrow!!!! Please check back here.


See above for what you need to review for Islamic World test!