About The Reg


First of all, it’s short for Register. Not with a hard G on the end. You may call me Ms. Register, or Aunty Reg or Reggie or whatever as long as it is said with love and respect.

Yes, I am a casual person and I tend to treat my seniors like trustworthy adults. But that means that you rise to the occasion. I expect you to take responsibility for your education and your behavior. It means that you don’t abuse the system we will have in room 301.

Now about the person who is writing this.

I am Sara Register, Cobb County native and graduate. I have always been an avid reader and writer. I graduated with honors from Harrison High School in 1994, went on to attend the University of Georgia and then transferred to the film program at Georgia State University where I graduated in 1998. From there I bummed around doing medieval re-enactment and subsequently went back to school for another bachelor’s in Secondary English Education from Kennesaw State University (2003). I began teaching at Hiram High School and came over to Cobb County Schools after my daughter, Rhiannon, was born. During that time, I went back to school again, this time for a masters in Professional Writing. I taught for three awesome years at Kennesaw Mountain High School and then the county went nuts and transferred me to Pope High School in 2010. I am pleased to say that it was a happy change and that I love my new school very much.

In between all of this, I have been writing. I am mostly a screenwriter with three produced (award-winning) shorts under my belt and more down the pipeline. I have done improv and sketch writing at Second City in Chicago and at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta, as well as at Sketchworks. I worked with Kevin McDonald of The Kids in the Hall and with Ali Farahnakian, former SNL writer and actor at the P.I.T. in NYC where we recently staged a live sketch comedy show for actual paying customers. I am now working on my memoir.

I am also a hiker! Around here I enjoy not being able to sleep and climbing Little Kennesaw Mountain at 5AM, the canyon bottom trail at Cloudland Canyon, and others. In June of 2015, I attempted to summit Pikes Peak in Colorado. Its elevation is 14,115′. The Barr Trail which approaches the mountain from the east, is 13 miles one way and gains almost 8000′ of elevation. I made it… halfway. My pack was heavy at about 40 something pounds and the air was thin. I made it to Barr Camp where we all agreed that to climb further was folly. Plus the top of the mountain was still snowed in! In June! Don’t worry, I’m going back to finish it.

peak closeupPikes Peak the day before my ascent.

10155687_10153366804077641_8256220068933660131_n  On the Barr Trail!11247498_10153366804697641_6688119978831235338_n The mountain from almost halfway up the trail. Notice how 8 hours of hiking makes it look like we are only three inches closer. This is  a LARGE mountain.

11391241_10153366805347641_2280540042820220946_n At Barr Camp! That’s snow in the background. 11406747_10153366805657641_2676879197218809724_o     Long hair and backpacks don’t always mix. #ratsnest

I love teaching World Literature. I am very interested in the cultures and beliefs of our beautiful world. There is so much to learn out there and I know that we will only touch the tip of the iceberg. I believe that greater understanding of the people of the world can only assist us in the increasingly global nature of our day-to-day lives.

I’m newly in love with teaching AP Lang to seniors!

Fun facts:

-I am a Leo and born in the year of the Dragon, so watch out.

-My comedy hero is Jimmy Fallon because he is so positive and has so much fun doing what he does. Bonus fact: I’ve been to his show twice and seen his monologue rehearsal several times. When I shook his hand, I went mute. Update: I have since given him a birthday hug so I guess I can die happy now?

-Most days, I want to move to New York City. But sometimes, Georgia is just so pretty, especially in late spring-summer. Update: Just go ahead and add Colorado to that list. That state has more natural beauty than should fit in one place.

-Cats:  Pixie, Ivy. And now Thelma and Louise!

-One of my favorite authors is Hunter S Thompson.

-Favorite band is Foo Fighters. Hung out backstage with them one time and argued with Dave Grohl about covering “Don’t Fear the Reaper”.

-You can see me in the background of the movie “Identity Thief”. Look for the honky-tonk bar scene. I’m dancing and for some reason they gave me a black eye. I had to spend all day with Melissa McCarthy (my other comedy hero) and try not to laugh.


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