Back on Track! October 9-13


Today and tomorrow you will be working on Chinese poetry packets. Use your textbook! You may, of course, work with your groups but BE PRODUCTIVE.

Tuesday- Chinese/Japanese intro notes quiz; then finish poetry packet. Sub today so be on your best behavior! I’m at a professional learning meeting today 🙂

PLEASE bring your Carlos Museum forms and money by Friday. $40 includes transportation, lunch from Panera, and expert guidance from the guru of world history, Mrs. Strydom!!!!! You’ve never seen someone get nerdy about cuneiform until you’ve seen her do it.

Get a copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse by next Monday.

Image result for siddhartha     Image result for siddhartha  There are several cover variations! Doesn’t matter which!


Sub again! I know! This time I’m working on the Senior Shut Down morning. You guys are going to be SPENT from taking the PSAT all morning so all we are doing is going over the answers to the packet from the past two days.


We aren’t meeting because of the half day! Please make sure you get your field trip form in by tomorrow!!!! Also get a copy of Siddhartha for Monday!!


Tao Te Ching and Analects

  1. Field Trip forms/$
  2. Finish poetry sheets and discussion.
  3. Aphorisms Analects and Tao Te Ching
  4. Translate Confucian Analects/Create your own aphorism… HW if we don’t get to these today. Due Monday.
  5. Have a copy of Siddhartha for Monday.

October 2-6


For the first assignment, please go to the link below. To access the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s database of oral history interviews, they should click on “Collections Search” under the Search the Interviews heading.

They should consider the following questions while writing their one-page response to the oral history interview of their choice:

  1. Who is the narrator and what topics do they address?
  2. How does the narrator express him or herself?
  3. Identify moments of great emotion or awkwardness.
  4. Describe the relationship between the narrator and the interviewer.
  5. Provide “notes” of improvement to the interviewer.

Sept 18-22


Tao of Pooh Common Formative Assessment… must take this first before you do the test tomorrow [it determines which form of the assessment you have].

If everyone is done, we will start looking at Egyptian poetry!


Tao of Pooh Common Summative Assessment.


KSU Professor Newberry will be working with you on the  museum project during class. We will meet in the professional learning lab in the learning commons [media center]. It’s the room on the left when you enter. He will have the complete project syllabus and information!

Please give him your complete attention and respect… I know I don’t have to say that but I’m such a mom sometimes.


Thursday I will be out so please give you sub every courtesy!

Hollywood Taoism…finding ancient spirituality in pop culture 🙂

September 13-15


Together we will read Ruth narrative from textbook.  Take special care to read the intro on page 58 and take note of parallelism on p 59. Ruth begins on 60.

If we are done with some class time to spare, we will do our Ruth reading quiz. If not, tomorrow!

VOCAB LIST #1: please go to and work on list #1. Your practice percentage will count as HALF of your vocab list #1 grade and the quiz [October 3] will be the other half 🙂

August 28- September 1


Read section 2 of Gilgamesh together as a class. Textbook p 23. I will supplement with some of the poetic version of Gilgamesh since the textbook leaves some beautiful parts out.


Today we are going to group up with our texts and do the first half of our Gilgamesh/Genesis Flood comparison. [We’ll do the second part when we get to our Hebrew narratives!]  Genesis vs Gilgamesh flood comparison chart blank


SHORT DAY! I’m going to assign The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff and do a short intro with you. Please have a copy in hand by Tuesday 9/5.

Image result for tao of pooh


Class discussion of Gilgamesh flood narrative characteristics. Poohsonality test results 🙂 Are you an Eeyore?  A Piglet? A Pooh?


Sub directions since I am heading up the pep rally this afternoon…

  1. Get out a textbook!
  2. Get out your flood chart!
  3. Turn to page 44!
  4. Fill in the Genesis [Ancient Hebrew] side. Help each other out especially if you are familiar with the story. Check against the text.
  5. Two things for HW: Read “The Return” on p 30-32 to finish our Gilgamesh excerpts. And have a good long weekend 🙂 See you at the pep rally!!!


August 21-25



Image result for gilgameshImage result for gilgamesh

Web Quest in Media Center today!

Mesopotamian Web Quest

HW: please read the Prologue to Gilgamesh on p19 of your home textbook [it’s short!]. What do we learn about Gilgamesh from this beginning? Why was he a good king?


Discuss Mesopotamian Web Quest

Notes: Epics/Epic Heroes [begin at slide 18 on the powerpoint]   Ancient Worlds

introduction PPT

Prologue: what made Gilgamesh a great king??

Bonus Enrichment Video:



I was on a field trip with Art History so you guys read the first section of Gilgamesh in your textbook. Thank you!


Discussing the first section of Gilgamesh and we also took a brief quiz over the Mesopotamian chapter we read.

August 14-18

I’m so sorry my blog dropped off. I have been so sick this week and just barely alive. I’m back with my sincere apologies!


I was absent! You read the chapters from Grendel by John Gardner. At the end of the chapters was an assignment: Choose a brief segment of any part of Beowulf- a scene- and write it from ANY character’s POV. Since we are in third person, you can choose Beowulf but feel free to choose ANY character.

Aim for two pages. This is informal. It’s a way to assess your writing levels! Due FRIDAY.


Discussed section 2 of Beowulf, The Fight with Grendel’s Mother.


Beginning Gilgamesh and Mesopotamia! intro video on The Epic of Gilgamesh.



Mesopotamia background group hunt!

mesopotamia background

reading guide for ch 8 mesopotamia

August 7-11


SLO Pre-test. Don’t worry, this is not a grade for you!


Test over Haroun and the Sea of Stories

HW: Bring Beowulf tomorrow!


Ok, I haven’t taught Beowulf in FOREVER and I am very excited!

How has the English language changed over the years? What is the culture that Beowulf comes out of? How does it shape the telling and recording of the story?

HW: please go back through the selected pages on this guide and try your best to answer the questions. Beowulf Section 1

Beowulf Map (Klaeber)

Welcome back and hello sophomores! July 31- August 4

I am so very excited to share this year with you in 10th World Lit Honors!

I’ve taught it for MANY years at the senior level and I have enjoyed it greatly. I love exploring the world and its cultures through literature and writing.

More information on the class, readings, etc will be forthcoming.


Intro; transcripts; expectations; what are we doing in here? Please bring your copy of Haroun and the Sea of Stories the rest of this week. We will be doing group review and then your test on Thursday.


Syllabus Fall 2017

Today, group up and work on the review for Haroun!


Media Center for Computer Day

  1.  Sign up for your account. Here is the link for my class.
  2. Sign up for a Remind account! You can do it through an app on your smartphone or text message or even in your email if that is preferable. remind invite
  3. Fill out the student info form.
  4. Read the plagiarism contract. Plagiarism Contract 2017-18
  5. Electronically “sign” that you have read and understand it.
  6. Once you are done, please log off the computer so I know you have completed all steps. We will return to the room and do some review on Haroun!

HW: continue to review Haroun. Test on Tuesday, 8/8.   MORE INFO THAN YOU NEED: Haroun-and-the-Sea-of-Stories-LitChart


Class Meeting

Preview for next week

Monday-SLO test

Tuesday- Haroun Test