February 6-10

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Monday– Go over Chinese poetry packet: chinese-poetry-packet; 7th finish essay marking activity from Friday.

Tuesday– Haiku/Tanka    Haiku visual guide      Cuckoo for Haiku

Wednesday– Haiku/Tanka and begin Zen Buddhism: zen-parables-p318

Thursday– Zen Buddhism

Friday– Review for Chinese/Japanese test on Monday 2/13.

-Unit intro sheet [hist/lit background]

– Analects of Confucius


-Zen Buddhism [ if you were absent for any of these, please use Friday to get what you need] You can use your notes only.

Dystopian Novel Choice- Have by 2/27

  • 1984 by George Orwell. If you read previously, but felt like you didn’t get it/ was bored by it, maybe give it another chance. You are older now and you may see things you didn’t before.  Purchase it here!
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley- People aren’t “born”, they are decanted from the jars they were created in. Rigid societal levels, pre-determined before birth. Drugged happy consumers. Purchase it here!
  • The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood- After an environmental disaster, the birth rate plummets. Enter the Handmaids. America as a theocracy. Freedom obliterated. Purchase it here!
  • It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis- Published during the rise of fascism in Europe, the novel describes the rise of Berzelius “Buzz” Windrip, a politician who defeats Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is elected President of the United States, after fomenting fear and promising drastic economic and social reforms while promoting a return to patriotism and “traditional” values. After his election, Windrip takes complete control of the government and imposes a plutocratic/totalitarian rule with the help of a ruthless paramilitary force. (Wikipedia)  Purchase it here!

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Monday– Ted Talk Roundup: email links to theregpope@gmail.com along with brief synopsis of talk along with why it is a good one to watch while planning our talks!

Tuesday– Surprise! No Test prep Tuesday. Ted talk work. Vocab 9-12 due. tedx_speaker_guide  <— this is the full text version, a little more extended than the one I have you in class.

Wednesday– TBD


Friday– Wrap up On The Rez. Assessment moved to Thursday 2/16. News cast. Work time.

Have by 2/27:

Image result for wild book cover        Image result for into the wild




January 30- Feb 3

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Monday–  sub day: you worked on Chinese/Japanese intro notes

Tuesday– there was a quiz because most of you did NOT do your Chinese/Japanese intro work while I was out. Spring Semester is a dangerous time to slack off. Confucius notes and short video. HW: complete translation of selected Analects of Confucius.

Wednesday– Discuss the Analects. Introduce LiPo and TuFu: they will be our Chinese poetry representatives. Work on a poem if we have time. Turn in packet for use tomorrow while I am out on the superlative field trip.

Thursday– Work on Chinese poetry packet with textbook.  chinese-poetry-centers-questions

Friday– Argument pieces due. We will be doing a pre-turn in workshop with them.


ap lang 12 text

Monday– Finish the video for Wounded Knee standoff.


Tuesday– Ted Talk Tuesday: native American focus!


Wednesday– Reading OTR or working on your argument piece which is due tomorrow!

Thursday– Test Prep THURSDAY: argument writing  *Sub today*  Please see me for a time to make this timed writing up if you are absent.

Friday–  Discuss OTR chapters 9-12

January 23-27

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Monday– Formative Writing assessment on Tao of Pooh; time to review for MC test tomorrow.

Tuesday– real world uses of logos, pathos, ethos: Refutation of TMZ videos of A Dog’s Purpose Controversy; MC section of Tao of Pooh

Wednesday– Laptops in room: work on Argument organization. argument-essay

Please also take my dystopian novel questionnaire!!!!

Thursday– Final Written Tao of Pooh assessment/work on argument planning or pre-writing when done

Friday– Laptop cart: writing argument/research for writing. Bring a printed copy to class on Wed 2/1 for in class work.

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Monday– discuss ch 6-8 of On The Rez

Tuesday– Test Prep Tuesday: MC practice!

Wednesday– vocab for chapters 6-8 due; laptop carts in class to begin reworking your argument piece.

Thursday– Laptop cart: reworking argument piece

Friday: newscast, We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee [’73]

Here is an entire playlist that has the five part series We Shall Remain.

January 16-20

Monday- MLK Holiday

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Tuesday– Discuss The Pooh Way and Bisy Backson chapters of Tao of Pooh. Finish magazine ad analysis from last week. HW: read through end of book for friday. Vocab also due friday.

Wednesday– Work on logical fallacies, identifying and defining as a group with individual packets. If you want to consult the text, you can find it here.

Thursday– Discuss logical fallacies; group rhetorical analysis of SAT essays. [in class] HW: finish Tao of Pooh for tomorrow.

ap lang 12 text

Tuesday– Test Prep Tuesday: Argument Writing

Wednesday–  Work on logical fallacies, identifying and defining as a group with individual packets. If you want to consult the text, you can find it here. We will be going back to our argument writings to locate any logical fallacies.

Vocab for ch 6-8 is up on vocab.com. Very short list so due next Wednesday.

Reading Guide for ch 6-8 of OTR.  ch-6-8-reading-guide

Thursday– Discussing logical fallacies; working through enthymemes; Begin marking up our argument pieces, looking for logical fallacies. [in class] HW: continue reading chapters 6-8 in OTR.

January 9-13

Monday/Tuesday- Snow and Ice!


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Wednesday–  We will be discussing “Tao of Who” and “Spelling Tuesday” from ToP.

“Cottleston Pie” has been moved to Friday.

HW: read “Cottleston Pie” and work on vocab which is due Friday 1/20. For anyone new to class, here are the links to sign up for my classes. If you simply moved class periods, you can continue to use your old one.

3rd period vocab.com

6th period vocab.com

7th period vocab.com

Thursday– Introduction to Argument. Notes in class and discussion of what constitutes argument writing. Use time leftover to finish tomorrow’s chapter or work on vocab.

HW: If possible, bring a couple of old magazines from home. If they can be a few different kinds that would be excellent. Of course, make them school appropriate 🙂    Finish reading Cottleston Pie and work on vocab if necessary.

ap lang 12 text

Wednesday– Brief discussion of last semester’s final exam and reading time for OtR. Be prepared to discuss ch 1-5 on Friday. Also continue to work on vocab for 1-5. Due next Tuesday. If you can’t bring a print out for vocab, please come show me your work during AO on Tuesday as we will be doing a Test Prep Tuesday writing that day.

Thursday– Reading day for On the Rez. Discussion of chapters 1-5 tomorrow. Work on vocab, due Tuesday.

January 5-6, 2017

Welcome back to your LAST SEMESTER OF HIGH SCHOOL.

***PLEASE NOTE: The early part  of this semester is prone to weather issues. Please check the blog if this occurs. We don’t have a lot of time to waste this semester since you guys get done early so I may make date changes, but I will also notify you if you are expected to have something done/with you/etc upon our return.***

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Thursday-General beginning of semester business; Intro to Taoism; Intro to Tao of Pooh. HW: read “Foreward” and 1st chapter “The How of Pooh?” of ToP [Tao of Pooh] tonight.

Your discussion guide questions: the-tao-of-pooh-discussion-questions-and-quotes

Image result for vinegar tasters “The Vinegar Tasters”


Friday– Discuss Vinegar Tasters; Take your Pooh-sonality test!



HW: Read “Tao of Who?” and “Spelling Tuesday” by Monday, 1/9.

Reading Schedule for Tao of Pooh: (Dates for reading mean it needs to be read by that date…)

1/6- Fwd and The How of Pooh

1/9 Tao of Who? And Spelling Tuesday

1/12 Cottleston Pie

1/17 The Pooh Way and Bisy Backson

1/20 That Sort of Bear to end of book

1/23 formative writing assessment

1/24- MC section

1/26- final writing portion


ap lang 12 text

Thursday and Friday– Welcome back! Beginning of semester usual business. Newscasts sign up. (I will provide an actual handout to outline what is needed, but we will talk about them today). On The Rez intro. Reading Schedule is on the calendar.


We will begin our unit with connecting with the youth of Pine Ridge Reservation.


Dec 12-16

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Monday– APA format check session. Bring your printed essay in to class and go along the check list [found here: apa-checklist-student]. Here are the specific instructions that I am giving in class: apa-paper-format-check

RUBRIC FOR PAPER: apa-rubric

HW: Please make any necessary edits to your paper and submit to Turnitin.com by 11:59 pm on Wednesday 12/14.

Here are the codes if you still need them for some reason:

3rd: class id# 13557278  password: regworldlit

6th: class id# 13557296  password: regworldlit

7th: class id# 13557311  password: regworldlit

Tuesday-Thursday: TBA

Friday: 3rd and 6th study salon: bring some hot choc mix or have some of the classroom tea/coffee [maybe bring some change for the beverage supplies donation bucket?]

7th: FINAL EXAM 1:55-3:30. Yes, you can have a hot beverage, too 🙂


ap lang 12 text

Monday–  You will get back your group RA essays. If you wish to ameliorate your essay according to any notes I gave you, you may. Get on your Google doc this week and edit/add missing elements. Submit the new version WITH the old version by the day of your final.

Let’s talk Ted Talks!



Dec 5- 9

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FRIDAY UPDATE: Bring a complete, printed out copy of your paper on Monday.

*If you were out Monday, please complete this writing exercise that we did in class. It will go under daily grades and give you a little boost in that arena: wordiness-and-gobbledygook-short

Wednesday update: If you are feeling confused by APA, have no fear! We are going to go through with a checklist in class on Monday [so bring a paper copy] and you will be able to physically see what you need to fix.

SAMPLE APA PAPER that is more like the one you will do. the-benefits-of-ultralight-backpacking-sample-apa

Having trouble figuring out the running header situation with Word? Here are instructions:

Step by step instructions:

  1. Begin after you have typed at least the title page and the first few pages of your paper.
  2. Click the Insert tab
  3. Click the Header button
  4. Check “Edit Header”
  5. Under the Header & Footer Tools tab, check the “Different First Page” box
  6. Click the “Page Number” button
  7. Hover over the “Top of Page” entry and click the “Plain Number 3” option
  8. Type Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER
  9. Click the “Insert Alignment Tab” button
  10. Make the following selections in the dialog box that appears: Right, Margin, and None
  11. Click OK
  12. Scroll down to the header section of the next page and click inside that page’s header
  13. Repeat steps 6-11, except in step 8 only type TITLE OF YOUR PAPER
  14. Close Header and Footer tab.

GOOGLE DOCS RUNNING HEADER [scroll down to Method 2]


Citation Style Chart: [use the MIDDLE one for APA]:

ap lang 12 text

Ongoing work on blogs from last week! Please see last week’s entry for instructions.

How do you want me to turn these in, Reg?

Great question! Here is the answer:

  1. Create an email to theregpope @ gmail.com.
  2. Subject line: Full Name class period RA Blog Entries
  3. Label each blog and attach a link to each individual blog post. Don’t know what I’m talking about? WHY WATCH THIS VIDEO I MADE!

November 28- December 2

world it text

This is WRITING WEEK! We will be in the lab all week, for the most part.

We are only going to focus on the expository piece this week. PLEASE remember that this is a short piece: it is meant to be a fine-tuning of the research practices and expository writing skills that  you have worked on over the last three years. We will be doing mini-lessons on certain aspects of writing and I will be available all week for conferencing about your writing in class.

apa-powerpoint <– essential. We will be doing APA format which many of you will need for college. The humanities still mostly do MLA and APA has many similarities but it is vital that you be exposed to other versions.

sample-apa-paper This is much longer than what we will be doing, and most likely more complicated. Please do not freak out!

triad-writing-specs ONLY LOOK AT PART I: EXPOSITORY WRITING. You can look at the others, for sure, but we only need part I right now.

Ultimate Due Dates:

Evaluation form due in class on Monday, 12/12.

Essay due by 11:59 p.m. that same night to Turnitin.com

Monday- information dump: what is APA? How have I modified it for you? What are the expectations?

Tuesday– Electricity Day! Go home and appreciate electricity and its role in our lives.

Wednesday– Continued writing/researching time.

ap lang 12 text

Monday– Multiple Choice practice… WHY was the answer right? Excerpt from Thomas DeQuincey’s Confessions of an English Opium Eater.Please annotate and mark up and keep for your personal uses!

Tuesday– Electricity appreciation day!

Wednesday- Catch-All day: NEHS eligibility, test scoring, conferencing with students missing work.

Thursday/Friday- EVERYTHING is an argument. Looking for and analyzing the rhetoric we encounter in everyday life [and some traditional applications]

  • Read pages 90-94 of EIAA text. eaa-ch-6-90-94
  • We will have the Ipads today and tomorrow. Bring earbuds as you may be looking at videos online. Youtube access is null at school so some things will need to be done on your own. I have prompts below and you can outline on paper if you don’t want to type on an Ipad.
  • Respond to the following on your BLOG. Due Friday 12/9.
    • Blog entry 1: Compare three different teachers and the way they dress. What is the argument they are making? This is not a critique and you better be nice. If you can get photos of them, even better, but if not, please be descriptive. Tell them you are analyzing clothing choices as rhetorical argument. Yes, you are welcome to theorize about me.
    • Blog entry 2: Photograph yourself OR a friend in several different outfits. What argument are you putting forth? When would you wear each and what are you trying to say [or not trying to say… even that is an argument!]
    • Blog entry 3: Find a commercial online that you feel is particularly effective with YOU. Why does this ad manipulate you so well? [There’s no shame in that! It’s what they are supposed to do!]
    • Blog entry 4: Find a blog online. Read the blogger bio and several entries. Report back on who your blogger is and how their background colors their writing or how they present their ideas. What about the visuals of the blog? Presentation is everything, and it is an argument!
      • Google “xxxx blogs” where x= whatever you are interested in. Food blogs, photography blogs, Nascar, politics, coffee, pop culture, whatever.
      • Want an example? Look at the bio of this amazing blog: The Flannel Phoenix
    • Blog entry 5: Research one of the following famous persuasive moments and describe the circumstances–the historical situation, the issues at stake, the purpose of the argument–that make it so memorable. [It should go without saying that you should read and if possible, listen to, the speech.] *Also, don’t just use the links I have provided… Google for context info!*
    • Blog entry 6: Find a recent example of a visual argument [magazine ads are GREAT for this, hint hint]. Even though you may have a copy of it, describe it in detail and carefully on the assumption that your description is all readers may have to go on. Then make a judgement about its effectiveness, supporting your claim with clear evidence from the “text”.
    • Blog entry 7: Find an argument on the editorial page or op-ed page in a recent newspaper [online or actual print]. Then analyze it rhetorically, using principles you have learned. Show how it succeeds, fails, or does something else entirely. Perhaps you can show that the author is unusually successful in connecting with readers but then has nothing to say. Or perhaps you discover that the strong logical appeal is undercut by a contradictory emotional argument. Be sure that the analysis includes a summary of the original essay and basic publication information about it.

**** Each of these will be a separate blog entry. When turning in, create one email to theregpope@gmail.com and give me a link to each individual page. If this is not possible, then please label each one CLEARLY so I know which one it is.******


November 14-18


world it text

Monday– laptops/lab depending on which class!

*Compare and Contrast is due today at the end of class. Print it out; do not turn in to Turnitin.com!

Today: Please open this document: topic-sheet     You will be typing on this sheet and then printing [except 3rd period, we could only get laptops].

REMINDER: Siddhartha test on Thursday. Multiple choice and you can use your book, but you must have an understanding of the novel before you go into it!

Tuesday–  Let’s talk about expository writing… what it looks like, how you can use the various modes with your topic, etc. We will also talk about how to use sources without plagiarizing!




HW: organize and plan your expository writing. Turn in Indian take home test tomorrow.indian-lit-csa-cp-fall-2012-1 [ All resources needed are on last week’s blog post]. Finish vocab [due Friday]. Review Siddhartha [test Thursday]. siddhartha-review

ap lang 12 text

Monday/Tuesday– Finish In Cold Blood film. Read “Pornoviolence” by Tom Wolfe and be ready to discuss on Wednesday.


Wednesday–  Discuss Tom Wolfe essay; review time for test tomorrow. Bring book for test!